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Tallahassee Photographer, Dave Terry began a new business in the state capital at the first day of 2009. Terimage LLC is photography, writing, video, web design and graphic arts. 'Terimage LLC'. will be launching a web hosting company which will be a production company using outsource independent contractors. Initially, we will focus on Architecture and the Custom Home Market . We seek to improve the visual images of Real Estate by working with Homes and Land, 850 and Tallahassee.com

Photographic Excellence

"When I saw the work Dave Terry did for us in Miramar Beach, I drove down to meet him. Now, he's moved up here and I'm proud to know Dave Terry will be in Tallahassee. I can only hope he still has time for my projects. When he produced Tallahassee Custom Homes for us, I was astounded." Tom Ertl of Ertl Homes

Dave Terry started coming to Trinity Reformed Church a few months ago. One day he asked if he could take some photos for our website and we were happy. Now, these photos are on our website and we've had many compliments about how much they improved the overall look of the site. I'd recommend Dave Terry to anyone." W.A. Young -Pastor

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