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Dave Terry image history-

Tallahassee Photographer, Dave Terry has been taking pictures for a long time.

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Most of these are from the last few years.

Photographic Excellence
"Dave Terry is quite literally unbelievable. He has more love than anyone I've ever met. He may have been sent here by God. " Jeff Derby, Editor, musician and friend.

"When I saw the work Dave Terry did for us in Miramar Beach, I drove down to meet him. Now, he's moved up here and I'm proud to know Dave Terry will be in Tallahassee. I can only hope he still has time for my projects. When he produced Tallahassee Custom Homes for us, I was astounded. When he drove up here on Sunday and sat down next to me in my church, I was inspired. " Tom Ertl of Ertl Homes

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