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Kurt Browning Tallahassee Capital News Conferance  

Beginning with the Custom Home Builders, all their contracted independent contractors, the interior designers, the state agencies and the local agencies, Dave Terry wants to renovate Tallahassee's Historic Homes. Terimage LLC will be seeking out everyone involved with custom home building in Leon County and offering them considerable options to improve their web presence. It all began with Dave Terry's concern for Tallahassee's Established Architectural History.

"Tallahassee has some of the most historic architecture in the Southeast. Right now, it's all falling apart. We should all come together and rescue our heritage. The Old Timers who own many of these homes are living on fixed incomes and can't afford to keep these houses up. Of course I know we're in a depressed economy and the builders are taking a beating. That's exactly the right time for people to come together in the same spirit of rebirth. I'm not here to save the rich. I want to help the independent contractor with 4 kids he can't support. Rather than feeding the poor, I want to put them to work. I want to get people inspired about who they are and where they live. Tallahassee is the greatest city in Florida. I want to help the world know what a fantastic city it is and I believe the story of our past is significant enough to inspire the state and maybe the Feds to get involved in it's restoration."

Terimage LLC is a Internet Production Facility for anyone in the Custom Home Building industry located in Leon County. We will host websites and work with Tallahassee Builders Association. Terimage LLC will provide photography, writing, real time video production, Dedicated Servers, Completive Hosting Plans, Domain Name Registration, Virtual Office Phones, 24/7 Customer Support, and Really Nice People to work with. Our goal is to provide Tallahassee with the best Internet Production Facility in the country.   Oak Tree in Tallahassee Park Ave.