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Tallahassee Photographer, Dave Terry learned many years ago that it was alot easier to get the job done by hiring the best in each field. As a motion picture producer, you have to be able to trust the people you assign to do the jobs. For this reason, Terry outsources productions to companies he's confident will do the best work.

"Dave Terry's ability to find that one point of view, the perfect light and the joy of seeing is something which has to be experienced. Dave Terry is an artist with his images. He goes well beyond the limits of budget and rates. Dave Terry loves what he does." Myra Williams-Director of Marketing for The Howard Group.

Photographic Excellence

"When I saw the work Dave Terry did for us in Miramar Beach, I drove down to meet him. Now, he's moved up here and I'm proud to know Dave Terry will be in Tallahassee. I can only hope he still has time for my projects. When he produced Tallahassee Custom Homes for us, I was astounded." Tom Ertl of Ertl Homes

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