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Motion Picture Productions

Terimage Video Production

We work directly with
MVP Productions

There is no extra charges by Terimage Productions

Script Writing     
(HD raw tapes are $40 each)

High Def.HDCam 3 person crew (Producer, videographer, grip)    


Standard Beta SP-3 person crew
(Producer, videographer, grip)

  Two person package @$250/hr  

Camera Jib Arm

Two people required
Telepromter(with operator       
Studio Rental    
          $300 /hour
Audio Recording/Editing     
  $150/ hour
Tape View and Logging     
$75  /hour
Off Line Editing (Beta to Betacam)     
  $150 /hour
Motion Graphics      
$200 /hour
Still Graphics (logo treatment,
photo scanning, etc.)
Post Production Non Linear Editing        
  $250 /hour
PostProduction  with a
Producer ad+   
  $50   /hour
Digital Music with
Usage Rights (Pre-Recorded) 
    Custom Music can be created-   
Call for estimate
File Footage (Stock) 
($50 per shot up to 10-
Flat Rate for more.
Multi-format dupes
of Media Source     
Call for quote.    
DVD Production          $125  /hour
DVD Duplication                on request.